Integrated Training Resources

Integrated Training Resources Log Auditing program is cost effective, with its lwo fee of just $8.50 per driver per month. With ITR's fast turn around time and easy to read reporting system, auditing your logs will be hassle free and very inexepnsive. Compare the cost of auditing your logs in house, to ITR's EASY Log Audit Program.

# of Drivers Cost Per Month Cost Per Year
5 $42.50 $510.00
10 $85.00 $1,020.00
20 $170.00 $2,040.00
50 $425.00 $5,100.00
65 $552.50 $6,630.00
80 $680.00 $8,160.00
100 $850.00 $10,200.00
150 $1,275.00 $15,300.00
250 $2,175.00 $25,500.00
300 $8.00/book

How much money do you pay an employee to audit logs manually in-house? Over one year, you are sure to save on wages alone. Not to mention administrative costs and recruiting the right candidate to perform the log auditing function.

It is recommended that all trucking company's both private and for-hire have an "Hours of Work Policy" in place, which outlines procedures and any discipilnary actions the company may enforce, for log book violations. The prupose and scope of an "hours of Work Policy" is to states the company's support and willingness to be in compliance with all employment standards and hours of work regulations for both Canada and the United States.

Integrated Training Resources Log Book Auditing program, will provide your Safety Departent with a vital analysis of your drivers logs, allowing a more effective enforcement of your company's Hours of Work Policy. The program provides a proactive approach to the Hours of Work, allowing your manager's time to be better utilized in the area of education, training and enforcement.

With proper application and effective implementation the Integrated Training Resources Log Auditing program's benefits and savings can be seen in just a short time, by the reduction of logbook violations and unnecessary fines.