Alcohol & Drugs: DOT Compliance Manual 

When and how should you conduct DOT-required alcohol and drug tests? Use this manual to find out. 

This easy-to-use manual can help you understand and comply with DOT's Alcohol & Drug Testing requirements, including 49 CFR Parts 382 and 40. Use the manual's word-for- word requirements and "how to" explanations to help develop written policies, manage training, comply with record keeping guidelines, and more. Includes sample forms and policy guidelines to help make compliance easier. 

Reference section contains alcohol and drug regulations for pipeline, rail, and transit. Also includes a legal issues section to help you avoid costly litigation. 

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound, 614 pages. Update service available. 

ISBN 1-877798-32-0
Motor Carrier Freight Claims File Packet 

Contains the forms you need to properly document loss or damage claims.

This handy packet contains one each of the following forms: 

Salvage Record Form 
Claim Disposition Notice 
Claim Status Notice 
Claim Acknowledgement Form 
Verification Of Loss Statement 
Loss Or Damage Inspection Report 
File Folder 
Individual forms also available separately.
Out Of Service Tags 

High-visibility tags make it easy to identify which equipment is available -- and which isn't. 

Use these tags to designate that a vehicle, trailer, or even an individual part is out of service. 

Tag WW-014-TG is the standard "OUT OR SERVICE" tag; WW-015-TG is the "MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" tag with spaces for recording unit number, maintenance required, date out of service, and mileage. Tag WW- 018-TG is a Tyvek´┐Ż "MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" tag with spaces for unit number and date out of service, and check-off boxes for parts in need of repair. 

Tags WW-014-TG and WW-015-TG come in bundles of 50 with 12" tag wires already attached (extra tag wire available, call toll-free). Tag WW-018-TG is sold in units of 50.
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook: Motor Coach/Bus Version 

Contains only the federal safety regs that apply to buses and bus drivers. 

Created exclusively for bus and motor coach companies. 

This pocketbook can help you satisfy DOT requirements stipulating that all bus drivers be instructed in and comply with the regulations that affect them. It contains only those requirements -- from driver qualification to alcohol and drug testing requirements (Parts 382, 383, 387, 390-396, 40, 653, 654, plus a list of Schedules I-V on drugs and other substances and minimum periodic inspection standards.)

Compact enough to fit anywhere, thorough enough to educate school bus drivers, state, county and municipal transit authorities, professional motor coach travel services, or any private bus/motor coach carrying passengers. Driver's receipt page included. 

Softbound, 4" x 6", 380 pages. 

ISBN 1-877798-33-9 
Driver Qualification File Packets 

Help satisfy the driver qualification requirements of 49 CFR Section 391.51. 

Choose from 2 convenient file packet formats. 

Keller has the forms you need to satisfy DOT's driver qualification requirements. Choose from two convenient file packet formats: the Standard Driver Qualification File Packet or the Deluxe Driver Qualification File Packetcontaining carbonless forms. 

On the outside of both the Standard and the Deluxe file folders you'll find space to include the driver's name and qualification date -- plus easy-to-follow explanations of how long each form must be retained. Form completion instructions on the inside of the folders reduce the chance of recordkeeping errors.

The Standard Driver Qualification File Packetcontains 15 separate driver qualification forms and three pocket cards. 
The Deluxe Driver Qualification File Packetcontains 13 separate carbonless driver qualification forms and three pocket cards.

Standard and Deluxe packets include folder. Additional folders available.
Bus Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report 

Help meet FMCSR requirements.

Designed for proper recording of pre-trip and post-trip bus inspections to help meet FMCSR requirements. Book format. Available with or without carbon. 5-1/2" W x 8-1/8" L detached.
Forklift Operator Daily Checklist 

Easy-to-use checklist helps operators quickly document parts in need of repair.

This form is designed to provide forklift operators with a safety and maintenance checklist to be filled out before each shift. Can be used for vehicles powered by either electric or internal combustion engines. 

Available in book or snap-out formats. Book format: 31 sets of 2-ply forms with carbon. 5-1/2" W x 8" L detached. Snap- out format: 2-ply, carbonless. 8-1/2" W x 11" L detached.

Trip Cost Report Envelope 

Self-contained and simple! 

Use this envelope for storing expense receipts. Has spaces for itemizing miles driven, highways used, states traveled, and expenses along the way. Side opening, 12" x 9".

7-Minute Solution: Driver's Daily Log 

An important reminder of proper logging procedures.

This new video-based training program gives drivers an overview of the hours of service requirements, reminds them of the importance of keeping their logs current, and discourages them from falsifying their logs. Includes 10 Driver Skill Cards that reinforce the video's message, an Instructor's Bulletin that outlines training, and a driver quiz.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Driver Handbook 

Use this affordable handbook for compliance with employee awareness requirements of DOT's 49 CFR Section 382.601(b). 

DOT requires that employers provide materials to drivers that include a discussion of 11 specific issues (49 CFR Section 382.601(b)).* The regulations detail the exact information that must be covered. 

This driver handbook can help you meet those requirements quickly and easily. Written in clear, concise language, this 22- page, 5-1/2" W x 8-1/2" L handbook is an affordable way to address the issue of drug and alcohol testing ... and DOT compliance. 

Handbook is also available in Spanish ... and as a part of Keller's Drug & Alcohol Testing: Training & Awareness Program. 

ISBN 1-57943-786-9
SIN 27-200 

*To meet the requirements of Section 382.601(b), drivers must receive a copy of your company's alcohol and drug testing policy. For maximum impact, that information can be distributed with this handbook.
Accident Report Kit And Disposable Camera 

Easy-to-use kit helps drivers quickly document accidents ... and bring order to a potentially chaotic accident scene.

For quicker, easier accident documentation day or night, give your drivers the accident report kit that comes with its own disposable camera. Ready-to-use 15-exposure camera features a built-in flash and comes in an airtight wrapper. 35 mm, 400 ISO color film, instructions included. Camera measures 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1". Use the recorded information for company and insurance reporting purposes. 

Kit with camera contains: 

(1) 15-Exposure Disposable Camera 
(1) 6" x 9" Accident Report Envelope 
(1) Driver's Report At Accident Scene Form 
(4) Witness Cards 
(1) Accident Notification Card 
(2) Exoneration Cards 
(1) Pen 
Kit without camera ... and individual cameras available separately. A retail version of the kit with camera is also available (comes skin packed on merchandiser with mounting hole for pegboard display).
Driver Training Wall Charts 

Highly visible wall charts help make group instruction easy. 

Includes marker and eraser. 

Use these wall charts to help teach your drivers the proper procedures for filling out log books and monthly log summary sheets. Each chart measures 36" x 24" and can be wall-mounted or used with an easel. Black marker and eraser are included.

Driver's Daily Log Chart 477-R 
Monthly Log Summary Chart 509-R 
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook ... and Reference Edition 

Give your drivers easy access to word-for- word Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). 

Available in two styles! 

Both of these convenient, affordable books contain word- for-word reprints of DOT's FMCSRs (Parts 382, 383, 387, 390-397, 399, and 40 of the FMCSRs, plus periodic inspection standards). 

Pocketbook provides a bound-in Driver's Receipt page and is the only FMCSR pocketbook printed every month. Measures 4" W x 6" L, softbound. 476 pages. ISBN 0-934674-28-0 

Hours Of Service And Driver's Logs Manual 

Teach drivers the logging methods used by enforcement agencies and inspection stations. 

Give the entire staff the inside "scoop" on logging. 

Accurately computing the 10-hour driving rule, the 15-hour on-duty rule, and the 60/70 hour in 7/8-day rule is tricky business... unless it's explained as clearly and succinctly as does this manual. Safety directors, trainers, and staff members responsible for checking logs will appreciate the clarity of this manual, too! 

8 1/ 2" x 11", spiral-bound, 146 pages, 1998. 

ISBN 1-57943-500-9 

Driver's Exemption Log -- 100 Air-Mile Radius 

Designed for drivers who don't normally travel outside of a 100 air-mile radius from their home terminal. 

Here's a simple, concise method of keeping track of hours worked for a 4-month period. Helps meet the specific requirements of 49 CFR Section 395.1(e)(5). 

2-ply. Book format. With carbon or carbonless. 16 sets of weekly logs and four sets of monthly log summaries per book. 

Imprinting available. Call toll-free for pricing. [1-888-812-0099]
Driver Training Log Book 

Here's a hands-on tool your trainers will appreciate. 

This practical training tool combines a driver training form with a driver's daily log and a Student Evaluation Report. There's even space to record trainer's evaluation of driver's attitude, general progress, punctuality, attention to safety, log preparation, and driving techniques. Book format, 31 two-ply sets and two carbons in each book. 

8 1/8" x 5 1/2", detached.

Bus Driver's Daily Log Book 

Created especially for bus fleets. 

This log book includes a daily recap and detailed bus DVIR. Inside the log book cover is a monthly hours summary, the DOT logging regulations, and completion instructions. 

Book format. 31 sets of forms plus carbon in each book. 2-ply, 8-1/8" x 5-1/2", detached. 

Imprinting available. Call toll-free for pricing.[1-888-812-0099]